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Violet Summers

Alias: Elizabeth Marie Brandani, Lizzy Brandani

Negara: United States

Lahir: 1999-11-28

Mata: Hazel

Rambut: Brown

Tinggi: 152 cm

Berat: 45 kg

Payudara: Natural

Tampilan: 7K

Video Violet Summers

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Born in Texas in 1999 as Elizabeth Marie Randani to Greg and Arlinda Randani. Her parents had at least one other child (Joshua) and later divorced (2013). Lizzy, as she is known to family and friends, debuted on social media in 2017 as an amateur erotic/glamour model with unfiltered opinions. Soon after, she changed her name to Violet Summers.

She is thought to have left Texas and begun putting her self through college with the money she has made through modeling. Posts on social media circa Christmas 2017 indicated she had been alienated from her family; by the next year, she was visiting her mother on Christmas (facebook). In early 2018, some private videos leaked online and the people of her hometown found out what she was up to.

Lizzy/Violet is frequently posted on Reddit and featured on various blogs. At the close of 2019, she was nearing 3 million followers on Instagram.

Other interesting facts: Lizzy is half Mexican-American on her mother's side; she said in an Instagram post that she is 153cm (or 5 feet) tall; she has been "addicted" to Starbucks for years; Lizzy was not yet 18 when she graduated high school; she is a pot smoker; she grew up a fan of Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus; she has attended Arizona State University and lives, as of 2020, in the Phoenix area.

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